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Strengthening the Concept of Preventive Theory (Sadd az-Zari'ah) AgainstAdolescent Reproductive Health

A point of view in understanding the problem of the risk of damage and the difference in the use of the istinbaṭ method can be done with the istinbaṭ law method of Sadd aż-żarī'ah which considers mafsadat and maşlahat. Sadd aż-żarī'ah is a prohibition against anything that was originally permissible so that it does not lead to what is forbidden. The same goes for education about reproductive health that is delivered by families/teachers/peers to adolescents. Reproductive health is a series of conditions for the development of adolescents, which have been misinterpreted and even taboo for discussion. Therefore, through mix-method research, with 188 respondents online, studies, discussions, and reinforcement were given to evaluation for 3 months. Strengthening the preventive theory (Sadd aż-żarī'aht) was carried out in this study to avoid self-damage to the susceptibility of adolescents, even to imparting knowledge of sex education which resulted in early pregnancy / venereal disease. The results showed that physical growth and damage due to promiscuity affect the intervention of assertive acceptance and reproductive growth and development in adolescents.
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Arif Sumantri
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No. Panggil : 01.PD.PRO.2020
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Subyek : sadd aż-żarī'ah reproductive health adolescent
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