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Review of Supporting Factors as Destination for Medical Tourism in Thailand, Malaysia, and Iran

Background: Medical tourism (MT) has become global trend in Asia. Traditionally MT
is the act of traveling to other countries to obtain medical care, dental and surgical, from
developing countries to developed countries. But now this value has changed where
patients from developed countries seeking destinations to developing countries with the
aim of cost effectivenes. This review was conducted to indentifying the supporting
factors in Asia as destination for medical tourism Method: This review was conducted
using PRISMA 2009. Result: The first, study found in Malaysia that the most
significant factor was hospital and staff. The second, two studies in Thailand found that
perceived congruence of demand-supply medical facilities (2010) and satisfaction
(2015) were significant factor. The third, study found in Iran that religious ethical
issues was the most important factor to choose destination country to receive infertility
treatment series. Discussion: Factor cost saving/ low price was found in both countries
showed non significant, on the other hand hospital and staf are becoming a significant
factor as the destination of medical tourism destination in Malaysia, however religious
ethical issues are significant factors in their choice of destination country to receive
infertility treatment services in Iran. Conclusion this review identified that supporting
factors in Asian countries is different from each countries studied. The supporting
factors as destination for medical tourism in Thailand, Malaysia, and Iran with the
advanced technology were satisfaction, congruence of demand-supply medical facilities,
hospital and staff, and religious ethical issues.
Keywords: medical tourism; destination; developing countries; Asia;
* Corresponding Author: Argianto, Biostatistic Department Faculty of Public Health
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