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Effectiveness of the smoking stop modul to improve the rehabilitative behavior of Adolescent smokers

Rehabilitative behaviour of smokers behaviour makes the body's sysyem work continuosly to reduce damage caused by a mixture of toxic and carcinogenic subtances that enter the body during smoking. there are short-term ang long-term benefits of stopping smoking. After two days of smoking cessation, nicotine left in the body is released, and the taste and smell improves, then. After a week, the heart pumps blood that is richer in oxygent. After two months, the bones become stronger and denser. After two and half months, the skin becomes smoother, the hair becomes healthier and the teeth become whiter. After four months, coughing and shortness of the breath are reduced. This research was conducted in 2017 in South Jakarta and depok, indonesia. This type of research is quasi-experimental using treatment group and control groups. The respondents involved were 30 students from junior high school X Jakarta as a treatment group and 30 student from Junior High School Y Depok as a control group. The treatment given is the smoking stop model', namely blended model community based, self efficacy, and cognitife behaviour. furthermore, the effectiveness of the model will be studied to improve the rehabilitative behavior of adolescent smokers. To prove the effectiveness of the treatment. data analysis was performed using the Ancova test. the resulths the study show that the smoking stop model is effective for improving smoking rehabilitative behavior junior high school students.
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